Saturday, January 14, 2017

557 The New Workbench is Here!

For years I’ve been saying I was going to build a new workbench for the basement workshop, and after just as many years of not doing it, it’s finally happened!

old and new workbench

The old and the new side-by-side during construction

The “design” of the bench is simple, and the dimensions are perfect for a smaller shop like mine considering the goal turned from making a monster bench like we’ve seen in magazines, or elsewhere and instead turned to constructing something that would simply help me build projects easier than ever before.

new workbench

Already hard at work!

Today’s episode isn’t a construction video for “HOW I built the bench” but instead it’s a “TOUR” of its simple features, materials used in the construction, and a little bit about how I determined the dimensions and joinery.

Items mentioned in the video:
WoodRiver Tail-Vise Screw –
Veritas Tail-Vise Screw – Lee-Valley
Workbenches: From Design And Theory To Construction And Use – Christopher Schwarz

If you’re wondering about the episode I mentioned regarding building the plywood top for the old bench, you can find it by clicking here to visit episode 290.

Episode available for download in the following formats:
|1080HD Video||720HD Video||SD Video|

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