Friday, February 10, 2017

Wood Whisperer Thread Taps Pre-Sale

Now for something entirely unexpected. In collaboration with Andy Klein, we’re bringing a brand new tool to the market called Wood Whisperer Thread Taps. The tools are designed specifically for wood and can cut common sized coarse threads in seconds.

Pre-sale period is open until March 24th and if you buy the full set of 6, you get a pre-order bonus!

Pre-order your taps today! 

Because we know you’re probably wondering just how strong wooden threads can be, Andy devised a simple test and you can check that out here. 

The Pre-Sale period ends on March 24th, 2017 and we hope to have the taps in your hands by the end of June. By the way, these taps are being manufactured right here in the US!

Andy and I thank you for your support and participation in the Wood Whisperer Thread Taps Pre-Sale.

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