Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pavel’s Tetris Style Cabinet

Hello, TWW community! This is my first furniture project. I usually make jewelry boxes and wooden logos. But one day one of my clients asked for a cabinet. I had a sketch with dimensions and basic design but during the process I had to change some things. I used locally sourced  types of wood  that I could find.  Oak, Ash for the shelves, and Walnut and Pine for facades. I had my doubts about using Pine but I couldn’t find Maple in my country.

I used jigs and techniques I was good at, so I chose finger joint for sides, which was a key issue, but I think I did it pretty well. For the facades I came up with a tetris brick style idea I liked a lot. I really wanted to make it look like tetris bricks. So 400 bricks were cut and then cut again on each side at a 30 degree angle. The shelves were made on a box joint jig and glued to the facades.

I used shellac for finishing. I am very happy how it turned out since this was the first time I ever used it. I am pleased with the end result and welcome any comments, advice or just your thoughts on this project. Thank you!

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